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Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who was concerned with the process of personal and spiritual development.

I was first attracted to Jungian psychology because Jung talked about the soul. As a Jungian Analyst I help you take a journey to connect with your soul.

First the process is about trying to balance the opposites in ourselves, integrating the repressed ‘cast off’ sides of our nature that contain energy and creativity that we need in our daily life.

Just as many of us have lost connection with outer Nature, we have also lost connection to our inner Nature, our soul. Reconnecting with soul adds vitality, purpose, and meaning to our life. C. G. Jung says, 'When the conscious mind and unconscious psyche learn to live at peace and to complement one another, we become more calm, relaxed, whole and integrated. This balance, growth and integration are what Jung called--Individuation.

The process of individuation involves ‘inner work’. This process connects us with our soul through creative expressions and by working with dreams. Dream activity is as natural and innate as the human heartbeat. Dreams send compensatory wisdom from the unconscious helping us to gain fuller insight and perspective about our lives--past--present--and future.

We also look at symptoms and repetitive behaviors. Jung felt that symptoms were an attempt by the psyche to heal itself, and inner work facilitates that healing. In the process of Jungian analysis we examine the symbols, metaphors and feelings that come up in dreams and explore their personal and archetypal meanings. These symbols used well, can be our guide, friend and advisor; leading us to a more authentic and rewarding life.

“The general function of dreams is to try to restore our psychological balance by producing dream material that re-establishes, in a subtle way, the total psychic equilibrium.” -C.G. Jung

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